AI and Big Data in improving global health

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Find out how data sharing in the healthcare sector has the potential to improve medical outcomes around the world

In an age where big data and artificial intelligence play an important role in healthcare, sharing data has enormous potential for improving global health and patient safety

This is particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this course, you will explore the benefits and challenges of sharing health data globally.

With the support of industry experts, you will consider topics such as the future of medical development, improved care, accessibility to healthcare, and more.

You will also discover the strategies used by governments, funding bodies, institutions and publishers to access the datasets

This course is designed for anyone interested in big data and artificial intelligence applications in healthcare for the improvement of global health.

This is likely to include students, researchers and health professionals

This course has been ranked as one of the best online courses of all time by the central online course aggregator class.


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