Alabama Robotics Competition 2023

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We regret that the robotics contest on April 2, 2021 was canceled due to health problems and the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We had to make a decision on the contest in late January and it was unclear at the time how things would go (at the time, several UA Engineering events in March were scheduled to be virtual and we didn't think our contest would fit in.

a virtual model).

We have the Bryant Conference Center reserved for April 1st 2023 and we hope to see you at the next event!

Several excellent robotics competitions already exist, such as the popular BEST Robotics events in Alabama and the FIRST Lego League world competitions.

Our contest complements these other events by filling missing gaps in participation.

After listening to various K-12 teachers, it was observed that in Alabama a competition is needed that meets the following objectives:

A competition open to all grades in K-12.

An event in spring that offers students studying robotics additional activities to do throughout the school year (rather than just a fall focus).

An emphasis on programming skills, resulting in autonomous control of the robot, rather than a robot being operated by a remote control.

Points are scored in this new competition based on clever solutions to student schedules, rather than a teammate's skill with a remote control.

An entry fee that is affordable - only $ 25 per participant (several Lego competitions have registration, fees, and kits cost over $ 1,000).

The competition is open to all Alabama students (public, private or home schools) of all levels (elementary, middle, high school).

Teams consist of 2-5 participants.

We have room for around 60 teams.

The entry fee is $ 25 per participant.

The competition will feature several obstacle courses that must be traversed over a three-hour period by an autonomous robot programmed by each team.

Robot programs for navigating the obstacle course can be written in any language (e.g.

Mindstorms LabView, Java / Lejos, RobotC, C #, etc.).

It is assumed that participants already know how to program in the language selected prior to the competition.

Students will use their own robots and computers to compete in the competition.

Robots should be assembled in a basic configuration prior to competition.

Each registered student will receive a pizza lunch, a snack break, a competition bag, a T-shirt and a certificate of participation.

Teachers and family members will have access to on-site meals for a fee.

Prizes and awards will be awarded to the top four teams in each division (Elementary School, Middle School, High School).

Teachers, parents and family members are encouraged to participate (let us know on the registration form).

In addition to viewing the contest, special sessions will be provided to visitors during the event.

Start: 01/04/2023
End: 01/04/2023


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Map: Bryant Conference Center Tuscaloosa

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