Amazing Robots 2023

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Amazing Robots - competition for teams of universities and universities of applied sciences

The aim of the competition is to show modern technologies and creativity.

The aim of the competition is to expand the visibility and interest of information technology, robotics and artificial intelligence and encourage students to combine knowledge of separate fields without bias.

A message is also given to industry: new technologies must be used in both products and production without prejudice.

The task is to create a robot that makes something interesting.

What it does, the team has to invent.

The aim is to make creativity and technical skills flourish.

Few restrictions and a lot of freedom are given.

The competition is open to students of universities and universities of applied sciences.

The competition group members must be students of the educational institution on the day of the competition.

The maximum group size is eight students.

The competition takes place in connection with the Messukeskus Teknologia fair.


The following criteria are used in the evaluation of the robot's performance.

Moving the robot or its gestures

Visual appearance of the robot

Vocal world of the robot

Technical challenges and the actual implementation of the robot

Cooperation between the active functions of the robot.

How the robot reacts to its environment.

(Understands or reacts to gestures, speech, music, audience, etc.).

In addition, the evaluation takes into account the basic idea of ??the robot and how well the robot reflects that idea.

This is related to the short introductory presentation of the robot that was given at the beginning of the performance.

The jury is made up of experts from different sectors.

The first prize is € 10,000.

The competition is organized by the Association of Information Technology and Electronics (Tietotekniikan ja Elektroniikan seura, TiES) in collaboration with the magazine Mikrobitti and Messukeskus.

Start: 07/11/2023
End: 09/11/2023


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +358 404503250

Map: Messukeskus Siipi Congress Center Helsinki

Start date:
End date:

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