AI for Good 2022, Towards human-centered social robots for good

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Artificial intelligence-based robots hold great promise for educational and therapeutic purposes

They engage socially through verbal and human-like interactions with people who have physical, cognitive or social disabilities, learning and reacting to their behavior and improving their quality of life.

Despite the significant untapped potential of service robots to support humans, inadequate implementations could increase social isolation, reduce independence and companionship, make users feel like they are under surveillance, and divert attention from potential serious health problems

Furthermore, the challenges of autonomy, trust and interaction remain to be solved.

Learn about the innovations behind socially assistive robots that provide personalized therapy and assistance through social rather than physical interaction, as a useful complement to irreplaceable human contact for personal assistance.

This live event includes a 15-minute networking event hosted on AI for Good Neural Network

This is your opportunity to ask questions, interact with speakers and attendees, and make connections with the AI ​​for Good community.

Start: 22/11/2022
End: 00/01/1900

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