AI for Good 2022, Towards the future of the energy industry with intelligent robots

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Find out how robots are driving the energy industry's transition to a more efficient, safer and greener paradigm, creating a safer operating environment for humans while reducing the carbon footprint of their operations

Join our team of experts making these changes happen from technological development to large-scale implementation.

This AI for Good webinar shows how AI-powered robots are transforming offshore and onshore structures into a wide range of operations and maintenance activities, increasing worker safety and protecting ecosystems

In this context, autonomous robots are inspecting pipes and tanks, facilitating the detection and repair of leaks and corrosion, or helping to identify and clean up oil spills.

However, challenges remain to ensure the reliability of robots in harsh environments and how they operate in platforms with different layouts, climbing stairs and narrow passages, in extreme conditions of temperature and humidity, and in close proximity to flammable liquids and gases.

This live event includes a 30-minute networking event hosted on AI for Good Neural Network

This is your opportunity to ask questions, interact with speakers and attendees, and build connections with the AI ​​for Good community.

Start: 16/06/2022
End: 16/06/2022

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