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AI is transforming medical practice

It helps doctors diagnose patients more accurately, make predictions about patients' future health, and recommend better treatments

As a practitioner of artificial intelligence, you have the opportunity to join this transformation of modern medicine

If you are already familiar with some of the mathematical and programming concepts behind artificial intelligence algorithms and are eager to further develop your skills to address the challenges of the healthcare industry, then this specialization is for you

No prior medical expertise is required!

This program will give you hands-on experience applying cutting-edge machine learning techniques to concrete problems in modern medicine:

- In course 1, you will create image classification and segmentation models of convolutional neural networks to diagnose lung and brain disorders.

- In Course 2, you will build risk models and survival estimators for heart disease using statistical methods and a random forest predictor to determine patient prognosis.

- In course 3, you will build a predictor of the treatment effect, apply model interpretation techniques and use natural language processing to extract information from radiological reports.

These courses go beyond the basics of deep learning to give you an insight into the nuances of applying AI to medical use cases

As a student, you will be ready for success in this program if you are already comfortable with some of the math and programming concepts behind artificial intelligence algorithms

You don't need to be an AI expert, but a working knowledge of deep neural networks, especially convolutional networks, and an intermediate level Python programming proficiency will be essential

If you are relatively new to machine learning or neural networks, we recommend that you first take the Deep Learning specialization, offered by and taught by Andrew Ng.

The demand for AI professionals with the skills and knowledge to tackle the major problems of modern medicine is growing exponentially

Join us in this specialization and begin your journey towards building the future of healthcare

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