Applied Social Robotics

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Both theoretical background and practical experience on Social Robotics will be provided in this course

Knowledge of essential theories, concepts, principles and tools will be addressed

This knowledge enables students to design and experiment with the application of social robotics in a responsible way.

After the course, the student is able to:

explain and select various design methods applicable to social robots in different domains;

apply various design methods applicable to social robots in different domains and then design a social robot for a specific scenario;

present a social robot scenario to an academic / professional audience;

explain the theories, concepts and basic principles relating to the domain of human-robot interaction;

critically describe how the design (eg incarnation and anthropomorphism) of a social robot affects the way humans interact with robots;

build / configure a social robot for a specific purpose within a domain, such as education, healthcare or hospitality;

start an experiment to evaluate the effect of a social robot;

analyze and explain the results of the experimental data;

present a project using a mini scientific paper.

Important: We aim to deliver this course onsite at the campus of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht Science Park

However, we are also poised to switch to online-only mode when government restrictions are introduced or in place due to the current Covid-19 pandemic

Due to this uncertain situation, we will announce the forms of approach and interaction related to this course at a later stage in 2022 (June-July).

Start: 15/08/2022
End: 19/08/2022

Map: Utrecht Summer School, Utrech University


Email: [email protected]

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  • On-site

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