Autonomous robots: Kalman filter

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Autonomous robots are the future

Learn to program them with my quick and easy to understand course!

For lovers of cars, technology and robotics, my online course can teach you how to write the software needed to run a self-driving car.

Regardless of your programming experience, by the end of this course you will not only be well versed with Kalman filters, but you will also have an understanding of how robotics software works and how to code in Python.

My goal with every course I do is to meet you where you are

You can be completely new to robotics, have never coded anything in your life, and in just two hours you will have the knowledge to write code ready to be tested in my custom simulator.

If you are already a coding expert, this in-depth look at how Kalman filters work will help you diversify your robotics arsenal and increase your confidence in working with autonomous robots.

But this course is not just about the accumulation of knowledge

What sets it apart from other online robotics programs is that I make the process fun

You can see what the real-life results of your code would look like with a simulated self-driving car

Robotics can (and should) be a field full of exploration, experimentation, fun and getting your hands dirty

With my courses, I make it a priority, even in an online environment.


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