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by | Mar 9, 2022 | Guides

COBOTs are special robots designed to work side by side with a human being in complete safety, thanks to sophisticated intrinsic safety systems.

The cobots have very advanced anti-collision sensors through which it is possible to apply them in assembly processes sharing operations with a human operator, without the use of physical barriers of protection, simplifying the integration of the system. Programming can take place in standard mode or in self-learning mode, which opens up new fields of application. Normally they have 6 or 7 axes (degrees of freedom) but there are also some with 5 DOF.

The payload ranges from a few hundred grams up to 25 kg. There is a collaborative robot with a payload of 170 kg, produced by COMAU that has a range of 2,800 mm. For most cobots, the reach ranges from 250mm to 1700 mm.

This guide illustrates the worldwide panorama of collaborative robots from four to six axes, to help integrators make the right choice.

The graphs also show the respective ranges to complete the choice.

The languages are English and Italiano

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