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The European Rover Challenge is an international space and robotics event that combines Martian rovers competition with science and technology spectacles.

Guided by the slogan "we inspire a new generation", since 2014 we bring the cosmos closer to the general public and make people aware of the growing role of modern technologies in our lives.

The ERC is also a meeting place for representatives of the European world of science and business interested in the use of space and robotic technologies.

Among the special guests of the previous ERC editions, one could meet, among others, Steve Jurczyk - former NASA Associate Administrator, Robert Cabana - NASA Associate Administrator, Robert Zubrin - founder of The Mars Society, Harrison Schmitt - NASA astronaut and member of the legendary Apollo 17 mission, or Tim Peake - astronaut of the European Space Agency, who ran the London Marathon during his time on the International Space Station.

The main part of the project is an international robotics competition, in which academic teams from all over the world present their mobile robot designs, competing in competitions based on real ESA and NASA missions.

The competition takes place on the largest artificial Martian track in the world, which derives directly from the surface of the Red Planet.

From 2021, the competition takes place in both formulas: ON-SITE (teams compete with self-built robots on MarsYard in Poland) and REMOTE (competitors from different continents will remotely control the robot, physically moving along a track located in Poland, on the campus of Kielce University of Technology).

Inspiration Zone, and from 2020 also workshops and other forms of online entertainment, are prepared for tens of thousands of fans of space, science and new technologies, attracted every year by the ERC.

One of the most frequent groups of visitors to our event are parents with children, which is why we organize the attractions program to include workshops, interactive performances, speeches and popular science lectures tailored to audiences of all ages.

Start: 09/09/2022
End: 11/09/2022


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Map: Kielce University of Technology Poland

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