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The Federation of International Sports Association (FIRA) - founded by Prof. Jong-Hwan Kim, KAIST, Korea in 1996 - is the oldest robotic football competition in the world. From humble beginnings, FIRA has grown to be a major robotics competition with the aim of using sport as reference issues for cutting-edge research in robotics and other related areas. FIRA also includes the FIRA Air competition for autonomous flying robots, FIRA Challenge for robotic research with great benefits for society such as urban search and rescue robots, and FIRA Youth for the next generation of researchers. In 2018, the FIRA RoboWorld Cup was held in Tai Chung, Taiwan and attracted more than 1,200 participants. And in 2019 the FIRA RoboWorld Cup was held in Changwon, South Korea and the year after, due to the covid-19 situation in the world. FIRA headquarters held a meeting on December 23, 2021 to decide plans for 2022.

The announcement

Due to concerns about the emergence of cases of the Omicron COVID variant, FIRA headquarters decided to reorganize FIRA 2022 as SimulCup, similar to FIRA 2021 SimulCup.

We had all hoped that the COVID pandemic would now subside and that we could all meet in person as we did in pre-COVID times. However, many FIRA participants are subject to various blocking restrictions and are unable, for example, to enter their laboratory. And when it is possible to travel and meet safely, we will host another great World Cup.

But given the current COVID situation, there is still too much uncertainty about the further trajectory of the COVID pandemic. FIRA headquarters have decided to make a decision now instead of creating even more uncertainty for the teams. The decision to host a SimulCup event will allow teams to prepare for this year's FIRA competition.

FIRA 2022 SimulCup, 10 - 15 August 2022

FIRA 2022 will be an event that will be held simultaneously in several local hub events around the world. The exact number and location of hub events will be made public at a later time.

We plan to host a combination of real robot and simulation events, which include: HuroCup, Autonomous Cars Race, Business and Innovation, Air Simulation.

We will also host the FIRA 2022 World Summit as an online event.

Start: 10/08/2022
End: 15/02/2022


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